Wild flowers: Birthday haul-3

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another buy from the haul, the disc shaped earrings caught my eye cause of the extensive detailing. Originally wanted to get em in gold tone but, later ditched it for its twin in silver . As you can see the earring has 3 flowers each of which is adorned with a different colored stone. The leaves, twines aah..the pair makes such a gorgeous addition to my collection. Im giving another shot at self portrait of moi wearing the earrings. Sometimes it so happens that the earrings may be pretty by itself but, may not suit the wearer. Depends on the shape of the face mostly, I prefer long , thin earrings, one which gives an illusion of elongated face. 

Is the background distracting?

Lord of the rings: Haul-2

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I may be an earring person but, not a ring person. Up until last week that is. This post is a follow up on my last post. I like my fingers free and unrestricted and that is one reason why I haven't had given much thoughts on wearing rings. After my engagement I kind of got used to the habit of wearing a ring on my finger. It's not as bad as I thought and I do wear my engagement ring on all times except on those silly  fight moments. Last day when Mr. took me shopping for my Bday present after round one of buying earrings I asked the counter guy if they had any cocktail (Over sized) rings. He was extremely happy to show some and I picked up two from their impressive collection. I wanted one silver and one gold  toned one. I picked up a  huge silver-brown flower ring and off gold toned cocktail ring with small flowers.

Gold toned: Flash didn't pick it up :(

Birthday Haul-1

Monday, January 23, 2012

A quick post before I call it quits and hit the bed. Recently I celebrated my 24th birthday.....the usual dose of time off with friends and family, good food, silly laughs, pretty presents....everyone around me managed to make it the best birthday ever...blessed to have such an awesome set of family and friends....

Its a norm of sorts, but I do get at least 1 earring every year as birthday gift :). This time it was my would-be's chance. This is not the first time he is gifting me earrings as gift, but this time I went for shopping with him.....all the guy had to do was just swipe his card :P. Well, I didn't buy much...I bought some or rather was gifted some pretty earrings and cocktail rigs by Mr..and presenting to you one of the lovelies from the haul...

Golden rose

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blingy phase is now officially over. I am more into simple designs and floral motifs these days....blame it on my extra jam packed work hours. I'm seen wearing sober earring to office daily , I mean you can't expect me to dress up when after a 13 hours of work ....all I would want is to hit the bed and next day run off to office wearing the first earring that comes to sight. I have a small box, filled with ready to wear earrings especially for those dull days when I am lacking inspiration or the patience to browse through my jewelery box. Presenting to you my latest buy, a simple golden rose(or that's what I believe it is).

My mate commented that they look evil!!:o . Do they?

Office look

Friday, January 13, 2012

Presenting earrings, I am sporting  to office today. It's a simple silver flower hanging nothing fancy ...but, these earrings have always managed to get glances and comments, especially from those who love simplicity. They are of appropriate size and length to be worn as work wear. By the way, did I tell you that these earring are nearly 5 years old?. Hope you guys liked my little flower girl...

I am Happy!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I received "Happy Blogger's award" a few days back from the talented Purvi of Purvi's creative hub. Thank you Purvi , it's a pleasure knowing someone as talented as you. MBA graduate-fashionista-artist-cooking expert, this pretty lady never seizes to amaze me with her talents. I can never juggle so many interests at any given point of time.

Now, I would like to pass on this award to 10 of my awesome fellow bloggers:

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Monday, January 9, 2012

SALE, the 4 letter word that invokes a 100 million emotions and that too happy ones. In this part of the world the word is literally unheard of. I had my first tryst with SALE shopping back at Bangalore and unfortunately before I could fully understand the depth of the word and exploit it to full potential it was already Feb 1st week. The SALE stock was nearly exhausted and all of us returned vouching to hit the sales early next time around. The next time for me sadly didn't happen as I was transferred to Cochin. This season too I had zero hopes of hitting SALES as I was stuck at Cochin.

When Dad announced that, we will be going to Palakad (3 hours from Cochin) to attend festivities at Dad's BF's place I was more than happy. Coimbatore, which is 2 hours drive from Palakkad house most of the retail stores, Pantaloons, Westside, Lifestyle, and Max. I nudged dad to spend a day at Coimbatore but, Dadiji didn't take to that request quite kindly. Finally after much pressurizing he obliged and off we went to Coimbatore on Saturday morning. After a mini shopping at Ganapati silks (pre-wedding shopping) dad wanted to wind up and leave early so as to reach Cochin by evening. I nudged mom and twisted her mind so as to make her believe that now that we have come to Kovai, we should explore more options and check out other shops also. Dad was not very happy with this decision though he tagged along. Off we went to Brookefields mall, 20 minutes drive from Gandhipuram on pretext of visiting RMKV. We couldn't find any good sarees at RMKV, fearing Dad's wrath I bought myself a pink kancheepuram saree (I love it!!!). The store manager asked us to wait for 10 minutes so that they can weave the ends. I pulled my mom, asked dad and grandpa to wait for us at RMKV and ran to Lifestyle, 10 minutes that's all we had. We entered through the men's section at 3rd floor. Saw so many awesome tees, something that I would buy for my brother whose Birthday is on 15th of Jan but, alas with little time me and mom ran to the lower floor housing bags and shoes. Mom bought a paparika bag originally retailing at 1500 INR now marked at 50 % off.

While I was searching for a wide belt, dad called me twice( I ignored it :)) I did find something that I had in mind at 250 bucks after 50 % discount. I soo wanted to buy some cute flats too but alas didn't have enough time to try em on.

We ran  to the lower deck and off I went to Ginger section, my favorite section of whole of lifestyle. I found this free size cat printed cute top. After trying it on I ditched it cause, I felt it was not Too flattering but, mommy dearest loved it so much that she suggested that I use a thin belt to break the top  and to give it some structure (Mom is learning things fast I must say). By the way the top retailed at INR 629 after discount.

See the cute Cat print

I went to my another of my favorite section, CODE and picked up a cute casual top in Yellow (My favorite color). Mom didn't like it and instead asked me to pick the same top in coral. The top retails at INR 559 after discount.

I picked up an ash top and a black shirt too. The ash satin shirt like top was clinging on to my bumps and made me uncomfortable though, mom loved it. I picked up the black shirt and went in to the billing counter and that's when I saw it.

I nearly bought this very top on my trip to Delhi, but later put it back to the rack cause I couldn't wear something like this in Cochin even with a spaghetti. I cringed about the top for 2 days after and here it was on rack for INR 799 after discount. I quickly dumped my black shirt and billed this instead.

By this time, I had started to receive threatening calls by Dad:(. He wanted us to be back at RMKV immediately. So, I couldn't hit Westside or Pantaloons or even accessories section in Lifestyle( I am so gonna regret it). 

Last but least, I would like to share pics of my mini haul from violetbag. I am in a serious tangerine stage, I love anything remotely orangish and hence this Revlon Nail paint in tangerine. I don't have any chocolate shades in my vast nail polish range and therefor Lakme nail polish in chocolate brown.

So, what are your thoughts about SALE season and my mini haul?. Would love to hear:).

PS: We went back to Ganapati silks for rest of the shopping, all the while hearing Dady dearest telling me that we should have shopped the bulk lot from Ganapati silks itself. My mom shopped like there is no tomorrow and that explains 20 sarees we had to carry on our way back. Also, please ignore the poor quality of pics, I don't own a fancy camera:(....I will find out a work around as fast as I can.

Black flamingo

Thursday, January 5, 2012

 A total U turn from my usual posts featuring chunky and ornate earrings. You can catch me wearing something like this on an usual day as this is more REAL me. Well, I don't own these earrings, this is a gift to my darlings B and S. I picked this cute black flamingo earring from MAX.  It's light weight and something totally wearable.

I went ahead an googled  picture of a flamingo. See, it's legs?Exact ditto as that of the black Flamingo's legs. 


Little research and look what I found 

"Flamingos often stand on one leg, the other tucked beneath the body. The reason for this behavior is not fully understood. Some suggest that the flamingo, like some other animals, has the ability to have half of its body go into a state of sleep, and when one side is rested, the flamingo will swap legs and then let the other half sleep, but this has not been proven.Recent research has indicated that standing on one leg may allow the birds to conserve more body heat, given that they spend a significant amount of time wading in cold water. As well as standing in the water, flamingos may stamp their webbed feet in the mud to stir up food from the bottom." -Source:Wiki

 I  even  bought this cute elephant charm for B. I adore MAX accessory line but, little pricey I guess as I can get almost similar stuff and reduced price in other shops.

Going BOLD!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy new year people :) . While the whole world celebrated new year in style, I was fast asleep on my comfy bed, then I visited my extended family on 1st. Not a regal way to celebrate New year huh?!!.
I went to MAX retail on Sunday (1/1/2012) with my brother, who had some last minute shopping to be done before the start of his new semester. All the while we were in the shop I was ogling a wide belt (Retail price: INR 500) which was a must have item in my wish list and some pretty floral shrugs too well, I nibbled my the shopping bud and promised myself that I would start saving Money.

Swarnali from  Dreams n Drama  requested me to do a post with a pic of moi wearing an earring. I am camera shy but, being new year I thought "Why not?". Here is my vain attempt:

This earring of mine is nearly 3 years old, bought it back in 2009 for my Btech graduation party. The earring was so heavy that I couldn't fathom the idea of wearing em quite often as I should be. Recently when I got a chance to flaunt them, I did and I am so glad with the outcome. When I am wearing a heavy earring like that, I prefer to keep my neck bare much to my mom's dismay. 

On a random note, I can't keep my mind off these beauties :Multi-strand statement necklaces. Sigh!!! wish I haven't had shopping constrains:(.





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