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Friday, February 10, 2012

 Days like today, when I am in complete off mode, I log into etsy and browse through their earring section. Some of the earrings featured there are absolutely lust worthy, but then price of these are total put off. I have this weird habit of converting the cost of an item in dollar to rupee and in the end a 20 dollar earring is too costly in economics terms for ME!!!. The post is a sneak peak to my next post. For the time being feast your eyes on these gorgeous beauties

 The little birdies begs to be cuddled. Such loveliness....

The hanging black stone lifts this piece to next level, though I would have preferred a different colored stone. The black doesn't stand off well against the black metal.

 I would wear an earring like this any day

 The simple sterling silver birds

This trend has been done to death, but the colors of peackock feathers always makes my heart flutter

Another favorite, the off gold bird, pink flower, white pearl drop...what more does a girl need?

  The wooden humming bird earrings

The silver swan

Tried to stay away from posting any owl earrings, but the little cuties just stole my heart

Simple, elegant, understated

The favorite outta the lot, the turquoise eggs stands out just right. Hats off the craftsmen, one reason why Etsy products are on the higher price end.

Wooden Swan, a little stark for my taste but, they make interesting earrings

 The golden feather.....

Though butterflies cannot be classified into the bird category, loved this red, cute ones

Have any of you guys purchased from Etsy?. What is your opinion about the site?. Do share your experience.

All Images:Etsy

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Lancy said...

Wow.. Very very cute collection :)

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