Thursday, February 21, 2013

I am participating in shopping ban along with Tanvi and many other bloggers. Initially, I had signed up for a 3 months ban, from Feb-April. Seems, I have to make a slight change in the itinerary, with scores of weddings lined up for May, I cannot afford to stay out of the shopping scene in April. Two months it is!!!
So far, Im holding good and my life has not come crashing by sans shopping.

Jan was just plain crazy, with Sales coinciding with my Birthday, I went in for a kill. I made a killing from Zara, Mango, Lifestyle, Central, half of which was sponsored by my better half. So, when people ask me about my birthday gifts I show em  a cupboard full of 'STUFFS' and exclaim..."that's it!!".

My husby decided that we would celebrate on a budget, so cupcakes and little baubles marked my first valentines post marriage.

March marks my husband's first birthday after marriage, though the guy informed me about his love for an ipad or galaxy tab way back in October I am still trying to figure out ways to make his birthday special.

Iv developed deep love towards food and cooking. Pulav, Malayali curries, pasta in white sauce, hakka noodles, north Indian dishes. I can manage cooking easily now, much to the surprise of my parents.

I have been wanting to shop from Forever 21 for the longest time, heard their new shop is coming up in Mumbai. I guess, it would again take years for them to start one in Bangalore. Last day, I casually mentioned my love to one of my husband's cousins who shuttles between US and India, and they were more than happy to suggest that I can ship to their place in US and they would bring it along in July. That did make my day...

In other news, I have settled comfortably into my new job and work place and it's refreshing for once to not being judged by my martial status. It's all about the company you keep.

I am dying to go home (I would be this weekend), just what to sit and relax without having to worry "WHAT WILL I COOK FOR DINNER TODAY". That's it for the random rumblings from my end.


M. said...

You have gotten into the swing of cooking means, it seems. I love the shoes, btw.

PS- How have you been?

beingFab said...

Ha, I know what you mean!! I couldn't even cook rice or make tea when I got married and my parents still don't believe I can cook, even after 10 years and a child!!

Kalyani said...

Those shoes are just gorgeous...u r a lucky wife!

deeps said...

you seem to have had a lovely day
and the last pict sums it up in style :P

PAPS said...

Hope you celebrated your hubby,s birthday and made it special.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Reminds me of Raj and simran of the movie 'I HATE LOVE STORIES' :D..Awesome shoes by the way :)

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