Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I am back with an epic empties post! The reason why I have a ton of junk, and mini reviews to share is that I have been collecting these over the course of three months. So, this is not technically, empties for this month, but rather one for the quarter.
I have a lot of bath and body products to share and also my first ever lipstick empties! whoop whoop!

1. Dove Go Fresh Deo-Cucumber and Green Tea: A staple in my shower as this deo is very effective for sensitive underarms. The only negative, this thing stains, like literally, leaves white crumbly powder on your clothes. Inspite of this major drawback, I keep going back to Dove for, I like me some non-sting deo.
Repurchase: Yes, it my go-to after shower deo.

2. The Body Shop Shower Gel in Vanilla Brulee : I love warm, cozy scents and vanilla brulee shower gel is my thing during the colder months. I love this so much, as the smell is warm and cuddly, if that makes sense. Slightly pricey, but lil goes a long way if you use a loofah.
 Repurchase: I did hit the local Body Shop store to buy a backup, only to be told that it is a seasonal scent. Hopefully, I can snatch it up during winter sales :)

3. Palmolive Thermal Spa- Crushed Coconut and Jojoba Butter Extracts: Another warm and cozy scent. Worth every penny and nickel. It is by far, my most re-purchased body wash. I have countless empty bottles of this. Also, my mom is a huge fan of this scent.
Repurchase: Yes, but currently I am running few BBW shower gels, and post finishing that I would purchase this.

 4. Marks & Spencers Blissful Strawberry Hand Cream: Smells very plasticky, and I had to re-use this hand cream every other hour to keep my hands soft. Very inexpensive, but not a class A performer.
Repurchase: No, wouldn't be re-purchasing this scent.

 5. Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser SPF15 : This one smells weird, and I haven’t gotten much use out of it, except for removing my eye makeup. It crossed the expiry date, and I decided to chuck it out for good.
Repurchase: Wouldn't be re-purchasing.

6. Fabindia Orange and Cinnamon Face and Body Scrub: I love cinnamon scented anything, and that's the reason why I bought this, inspite of having serious apprehension about the ingredient list loaded with parabens. Didn't like it much, went through it in a month as the granules were extremely small, and I had to use more product than desired.
Repurchase: No, wouldn't be re-purchasing.

7. Maybelline Colossal Kajal: A staple in my bag, I go through this like water.

8. Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner: Well, this promising looking, eye pencil dried out on me. Yes!!! within a month, no amount of jiggling and wiggling could revive it. It's much sophisticated younger sibling, Colossal liner, performs a much better job than this.
Repurchase: I bought the Maybelline Colossal liner, and hence would not be re-purchasing.

9. Chambor Teal Dazzle Eyeliner Pencil: Teal is such a strikingly beautiful color. The only downside is the one-side twist up, ie. if you twist 1/2 an inch more, it’s never going inside, ever :( they should have made this a retractable pencil.
Repurchase: I have already re-purchased this and also own all the colors under the rainbow from this range :)

10. Maybelline Falsies Mascara: By far, one of the best drugstore-priced mascara out there. Gives insane lift and volume to my lashes and stays put for a long time. It's a dry formula, and hence easy to go in for a second coat.
Repurchase: Yes, have re-purchased this.

11. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Buenos Aires : Had made it to the last year’s hall of shame, I did try to let my pale skinned friends adopt this one, but it didn't fit. Even made my ghostly-looking friend scary as hell.
This formula, or one that I received, applies patchy and weird. The saving grace, this one smells like butterscotch cupcake :)

12. Vega Smudger Brush: I love Vega brushes, I think they are bang for the bucks. This smudger brush is useless, and was just taking up additional space in my vanity, so I thought why not just dispose it.
Repurchase: No

13. Maybelline BB Cream in N*de: I have grown out of the BB cream phase, I am more of a light coverage foundation kinda girl. This one was a staple in my handbag for almost 4 years. Currently, I have Colorbar BB cream in my bag that matches better to my skin tone than this.
Repurchase: No, I wouldn't be repurchasing.

14. Johnsons Baby Wipes: I use wipes to cleanse off my makeup as stage 1 of my night time routine. I always have a wet tissue pack in my bag as well at home as a backup.
Repurchase: It’s an essential, and hence re-purchased.

Finally, my lipstick empty, never ever in my life have I thought of a scenario where I would finish up a lipstick, but that day did arrive and the one to each the finish line first was a staple in my handbag.
15. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Sugar Plum: It looks so natural on my lips, and so subtle. The staying power is not the best (glossy finish), but it is flattering on my tan skin.
Repurchase: I did end up searching high and low for this shade, but seems Revlon has pulled lip butters out of the market. The closest dupe for this shade wold be the MAC Plumful lipstick.

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