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Thursday, September 10, 2015

I have evolved over the past 3 years, have been liking the concept of heels, but not really the idea of wearing them on a day to day basis. I have this weird thing for heels, where I buy them on a whim only to never ever wear them again. With ton of walking to do, heels are not the best choice of footwear.

Zara Heels

If you love the high-street brand ZARA, semi-annual Sales would be the best time to pick up a heel or two. They are not the most comfortable shoes in market, neither is it bad as walking on a bed of thrones. Zara has some amazing heels that you can grab at 40% off during SALES.

Bata: Marie Claire

I got this coral heels as a birthday present. This heel may look plain jane, but one look the the pointy heel, with golden foil, BAM!!! it gives the heel a character.

Not extremely comfortable, but Marie Claire has some awesome options in the affordable category.

Foot In

I bought this one a whim while shopping with the girls and it has become on of my favorite. Something about the red shoes, and red nailpaint, that makes my legs look sexy. I had people complementing my feet while wearing this shoes. Comfortable to wear for 4-5 hours. The quality of Foot-In shoes in amazing and coupled with an affordale tag, this brand is one to watch out for.

Note: Foot-In is a Bata subsidiary.

Charles & Keith

Well, I own 3 pairs from this brand and they are so comfortable to wear. I prefer buying heels from companies that specializes in shoes, like, say Aldo, Steve Madden or Charles & Keith.

The brown  heel was my first purchase, and they are so comfortable to wear, no calf or toe aches at end of the day.

The other two are a newer purchase and I love love love the way it fits on my leg.

Tips: Please be vary of shoe sizes. I am a size 38 in all brands, except Charles & Keith, their heels run larger for the standard sizes (Im size 37 in Charles & Keith). If you are not sure of the size, I would suggest going to the brick and mortar store to try on and then purchase it on-line.

Charles & Keith has some good discounts running through out the year. Also check, You can get some amazing deals for Aldo and Charles & Keith shoes (some discounts are hard to pass by, especially if it is 50% off).

Van Heusen

I bought the mint wedges for two reasons, 1. I didn't own a wedge 2. Mint color. The shoes are not comfortable at all and gave me a sore feet, every time I wore it. If you intend to party all night, this wouldn't be your best bet.

Tip: Online store Trendin runs offers during Sales time. I would suggest, picking up few shoes during this time.

Few other brands to watch out for

Steve Madden 

I was about to buy a heel, but my hubby strictly told me NO, as he knows I am a flats kinda girl. He suspected that the shoes would die off, sitting pretty in my vanity.

Steve Madden Online store runs some offers throughout the year. Be vary of sizes.


Another shoe brand, that you can save bucks if you shop from Major brands. Extremely comfortable to wear.

Shoe care: Tips & Tricks

  • For sizing, the best time to measure your feet is at the end of the day when your feet are largest.

  • Wear the shoes that you like, and walk around the store for a few minutes to ensure they are comfortable.

  •  Store your heels, in the boxes they come in.

  • If you think your brand new heel is running a little loose, shoe pads are available in Market from Scholls. There are plenty of different pads available for different shoe problems. You can give it a try.
  • If you are in a job that requires you to stand for 8-9 hours wearing a heel, make sure you have a foldable belly shoes packed in your bag. As soon as the working hours are over, change and bring those feet off air.
  • Give a nice foot massage to your tired feet. Soak your feet in warm water mixed with some aromatic oil to relieve any muscle strain.
  • If you are really not comfortable using a sky high heel, make sure you buy a platform shoes or wedges like the ones below. The net height is slightly offset by the platform.

  • If you stay in a hot and humid place, make sure you take care of your suede shoes, they tend to accumulate white fungi if not used on a regular basis. Clean off the fungi with a dry cloth or tissue paper. Keep the shoe in sunlight before storing it back.
  • Use Retainers (Shoe Tree) to hold the shoe structure, this would prevent the shoe from loosing its shape.
  • No one like a stinky feet, to avoid your friend from running away 2 kilometers (Always the case outside the Computer labs in College) when you remove your shoes, check out this article. You can even buy shoe deos that are available in market.

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