Colourpop Blush in Thames and Flush'D

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Another day, another Colourpop review, and this time it's something cheeky! I will be reviewing the two Colourpop blushes, Thames and Flush'D.

Vital Stats

Product Weight: 4.2 gm
Price: $8
Status: Cruelty-Free


From Colourpop website


  • Comes in a standard Colourpop white tub, with a transparent screw on cap. 
  • The actual product itself is housed inside a metallic pot in the plastic tub.
  • Bulky packaging takes up a lot of drawer space.


  • The product is very mousey, squishy and bouncy like Colourpop eyeshadows.
  • There is a pattern overlay on the blush, which disappears once the first layer is through.
  • The product will dry out fast if kept open for long.


Thames: A cool dusty pinky mauve shade with a matte finish. This shade was part of the Alchemy collection which is currently not available online.
Flush'D: An apricot-coral shade with a semi-matte finish. Though advertised as matte, one can clearly see the sheen and the sparkles. This shade was part of the Kaepop collection.


  • Application is very tricky:
  1.  On applying the product with fingers, I couldn't blend the product and I was left with finger marks across my cheeks.
  2.  On applying with synthetic brushes, the brush couldn't pick up enough product, and the result was not very flattering.
  • Very pigmented and a little goes a long way. 
  • Wore well without fading for 8 hours.
  • Colours showed up beautifully on my tan skin.
  • Looks super natural when blended, but blending itself is a pain.


No face swatch, as I am down with viral flu, and I have been roaming around in my pajamas, with hair tied up in a bun for the past 3 days. Not a pretty pic to post online!


I would give them a miss considering the pain in the <places you don't want to name> application process. If you are a cream blush person, definitely try one from this SuperShock Cheek range to see whether you love it or just feel MEH!

Have you tried any of the Colourpop's cheek products?


Unknown said...

Thripti these look like some really pretty blushes.How have you been doing dear?Get well soon.

Unknown said...

I want Flush'd but as I said it is never ending with Colourpop :P but I MIGHT get this one :P

Thripti Aravind said...

@Yamini Sud Thank you so much love!

Thripti Aravind said...

@Addicted Shades Colourpop comes up with products that make my heart flutter!

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