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Monday, October 2, 2017

There is something about taking care of your little fur babies that soothes my inner makeup momma bear. While the cheat days are an everyday activity in my makeup routine, Spa days are reserved for my dull and dry weekends!

I  spot-clean my brushes post every use and then deep clean the brushes once in two weeks.

Cheat Day

Johnson's Baby Wipes l INR 69
Easy peasy lazy hack. Take a wet wipe and run your dirty brush to instantly sanitize it. Not a foolproof method, but something that you can do to quickly sanitize your dirty brushes.

MAC Brush Cleanser l INR 1050
My brush-love, I use a teeny bit on a paper tissue and run my brush over the tissue. MAC cleanser instantly spot cleans my brushes without ruining the bristles.

Spa Day

PAC Solid Brush Cleanser l INR 595
PAC solid cleanser is a spa day essential. Lightly wet your cleanser and brush and directly swirl your dirty brush in the tub. The solid soap smells like baby soap. The only con I can think of is keeping the brush cleanser clean. I let the product air-dry post use.

Brush Egg l INR 154
The broke cousin of the Sigma Brush Cleansing mat, I purchased this from Amazon for a fraction of the cost. I use a tiny bit of baby shampoo and swirl my brush on the brush egg. The item effectively removes the grim and powder on my brushes making it squeaky clean.

Johnson's Baby Shampoo l INR 72
I use baby shampoo to wash my brushes, as they say, keep your bristles soft like a baby's bum. Well, with the recent research proving that even baby shampoos are not void of harmful chemicals, I bet any shampoo would do the cleaning trick. I pair the shampoo with my brush egg for deep cleaning my brushes.

So, these are some of my brush cleansing essentials. What are yours?

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