30 Random Facts About Me

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I recently hit the magic number '30'. I thought it would be a great idea to let you guys know a little about the person behind this blog. So, here we go, 30 random facts about me.
  1. I used to play the violin as a kid.
  2. I was an attention seeker throughout my growing up years. I pretended to be sick with some crazy disease/illness so that everyone would treat me like a poor, sick little princess. Flash forward, I hate attention and I would do anything to keep off from spotlight.
  3. I am an MTech (VLSI) drop-out. I left MTech midway to join the corporate rat race. I don't regret my decision one bit!
  4. I had 8 piercings in total before my C-section in October. Post my surgery, I let go of 6 piercings. 
  5. I once had a pet dog (Dalmatian) whose name was 'TIPU', what's so special you may wonder, incidentally, my pet name is also TIPU.
  6. I can have 10 laddoos and still crave for more sweets. I am a sweet tooth by birth, and diabetes runs in my family! Well, I did get a taste of the D-life, as I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy and had to go through the entire pregnancy without touching direct sugars.
  7. I cannot have a normal conversation with my arms tied and I always use my hands while speaking, say, like waving it animatedly around to make a point.
  8. I hate driving. I am a dreamer and cannot concentrate while driving. I would rather sit in the passenger seat and help navigate; I am pretty good with the directions.
  9. I look up to my younger brother. He is the most self-motivated person I have ever met in my entire life.
  10. I used to hate my hometown Cochin, owing to the fact that Cochin is a sleepy town and everyone is more interested in your life than theirs. As I grew up, I have come to love my city and appreciate the greenery and peaceful life that it offers.
  11. I am a teetotaler. I can't stand the taste of alcohol or cough syrup. 
  12. I love Banana so much so that my husband calls me a Minion.
  13. I can be very insensitive at times, a classic Aquarian behavior. 
  14. My favorites pasta sauce: Pesto!
  15. Mint is officially our family color. Hubby and I love mint and most of our home decor revolve around mint or purple.
  16. I love me some meditation music. I can't listen to music through the headset while traveling (pukish feeling) neither can I read. If ever I do listen to music, it is on speaker and that too soft meditation music.
  17. I am extremely vocal about my political and social viewpoint. I can't stand stereotyping.
  18. I hate 'Chocolate Anything' and prefer fruit based items any day.
  19. I am scared of smooth-coated otter, which is a mammal like seal found in the backwaters of Kerala. My achama (dad's mom) was attacked twice by otters, one time even partially losing her thigh flesh while attempting to wash the clothes in the river. 
  20. I constantly compare my cooking skills with my mom and for that matter always be disappointed at whatever I cook. My husband on the other side loves my cooking.
  21. I have never broken a bone or have visited a dentist. My most visited speciality during the growing up years: ENT! I have extremely sensitive ears and sinus points.
  22. I have a very strong nose and smells make me nostalgic! Some of my favorite scents are my mom's chakkakuru manga...jackfruit seed and mango curry, the smell of wet earth, and freshly baked cakes.
  23. I can binge love certain something/someone. I am in love with the band Pentatonix and have been binge watching all their interviews.
  24. I would love to visit Northern Italy some day. We were almost ready to head out, but were told that Italian embassy would take a month on average to grant VISA and we were traveling on short notice.
  25. I can be friends with 16-20 somethings teenagers and small kids (3- 4) years of age. I can act both their ages; I am too goofy with the kids and a cool, social media savy elder sister to the teens.
  26. I have a crazy obsession for peonies.
  27. I hate pubs, I am more fine dining kind of a person.
  28. I have extremely wobbly fingernails prone to breakage and for that reason, I don't grow my finger nails or get manicure.
  29. I wanted to be a forensic scientist while growing up.
  30. I love tattoos. I am planning to get one done by next year. Once, I was almost on the verge of getting the semicolon tattoo (which is so close to my heart) but chickened out at the last moment as my husband scared me with the pictures of tattooes gone wrong on killoid skin, and yes my skin is prone to killoids.

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