Mish mash earrings

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meet my mish mash earrings :) .Bought it few days back from a small shop and from day one I was waiting for an occasion to take this beauty out for a ride. Finally on Sunday, on a journey to my maternal ancestral home I wore them.The kurtha I wore was a perfect match to the bronzish shade of the earring. Usually my entire outfit choice revolves around my choice of earrings weird?I know well, can't help it ;). Do let me know what you guys think.If you feel the background is too green for your choice it's cause I wanted to do an outdoor post, the one that captures the beauty of the earrings under golden sunlight.Unfortunately it was drizzling that day(Well, it drizzles 9 months a year in this part of the world).I managed to capture the glory of the earrings in full galore.

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