Cult Products That Didn't Work For Me

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The thing about Bad Love is that it is like a magnet, the more you hate it, the more you are drawn to it. It's a closed loop you can never come out of !
  -An excerpt from the "Relationship Book" authored by my girl gang.

There are few items in my vanity, that's exactly like this bad love, the more I hate it, the more I am drawn into it. I have not given up on them just yet! everyone deserves a second chance, even MAKEUP!

Chanel VitaLumiere Aqua in 50 Beige l INR 3360

What's with these luxury brands and their barely there shade ranges for WOC? The darkest shade available on the Nordstrom website was too pink toned. This foundation turns ashy on me as the day progresses, and let's not talk about the "SHINY ASF" glow it gives. I mix the foundation with some of my super matte foundation for that eeny-tiny bit of glow.

RT Miracle Complexion Sponge l INR 420

The RT sponge was my first tryst with sponges. The sponge gives a luminous glow to my face, and now you may wonder why I hate something the whole world raves about. I wash my beauty blender, keep it close to my glass window to dry, and by evening, the freaking sponge is still damp! blame it on the humidity in Kochi. The spongy things do have a tendency to grow mold, and I am perpetually scared to keep the damp sponge in a closed container.

Do let me know how you clean and store your sponge post application.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette l INR 3430

This was my first high-end palate along with UD Naked 1. I thought I would fall in love, only to find the colours to be MEH! I am a glittery-sparkly kinda girl, I would rather use UD N1/UD N2 palettes than something so monotone, and basic. I use this occasionally, but I do use another palette in conjunction.
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

KVD Lolita 1 l INR 1400

Don't pelt stones on the blog yet people, hear me out. Lolita 1 is ML"But is it Better?" NA!! I have pigmented lips, and this just blends into my lips. I have to apply multiple coats to get the colour payoff I want. The formula is very light weight, but disappears in 4-5 hours which is a short wear time for a liquid lipstick. Overall, not impressed!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles in Honey l INR 630

Finally, one that didn't blow my sock off is a concealer from Maybelline. I purchased this in the shade Honey and it has a very visible pink undertone. I didn't quite like how my under eye area looked post application, it was ghostly and ashy. I use this product to highlight my T-zone and nose (My skin has a slight pink undertone there). I am just not ready to completely write this off.


See the crazy white cast?
Chanel VitaLumiere Aqua 50 Beige on NC 42 skin tone

So these are some cult products that didn't work for me, do you have any?


Unknown said...

Thripti so sad to hear that such cult products didn't work for you.Everyone raves about the Chanel foundation and it so sad to hear that it didn't work.I had been planning to buy it but now I am pretty skeptical about it.The Too Faced Chocolate Bar,the maybelline concealer,Kat Von D Lolita all were such a miss for you dear.Really disappointing.

Thripti Aravind said...

@Yamini :(

Unknown said...

Awww I was planning to buy both Chocolate Bar and KVD Lipstick, Lolita II though, but now if given a chance I will swatch it first...

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